Pretty Chic has been around since 2015. We concentrate solely on supplying raw virgin hair. We are proud to become one of the nations newest upcoming brands in the hair business. Currently, we serve orders online and soon will be opening up a location in the Atlanta area.     

      The journey of Pretty Chic is one of strength and endurance. In 2012 I realized there was a vast opportunity in the hair business. I knew that I wanted to offer raw virgin hair to average consumers, someone like myself something I could afford. The next two years I dedicated myself and time flying overseas using my contacts to provide raw virgin hair at affordable prices. 

        Overtime with the support of family and friends, Pretty Chic has become a brand leader working with not just your average woman but also your favorite celebrities. Other competitors offer competitive prices, what Pretty Chic does better than any other competitor is bring top quality along with great prices. We provide the highest quality and when it comes to value in our raw virgin hair, we have become a brand leader. We know that once you experience Pretty Chic Hair you will understand why it’s the talk of the industry.

              We thank all our great loyal customers and those who have helped us become a brand leader in the industry.                                  

                         We Thank You!!!

                                                          PRETTY CHIC ITS A LIFESTYLE!!!

                                                                                     The Pretty Chic Team